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Fussing with the bride

Shooting weddings is all about the bride.  Ya, you have to get the other relatives, including the groom, in some of the shots, but the focus is on the bride.  It’s her day and she is the primary buyer.

There was a wedding going on at a hotel just outside Yosemite National Park I was at and I watched the wedding photographer photograph the bride and bridesmaids.  He did a fantastic job of fussing over the bride.  A very extensive set of shots of her, the bride maids, flower girls and the bride’s parents.

He spent about half the amount of time shooting the groom and the grooms men.  Those were were good shots, but they were not nearly as extensive.

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I saw some bears…

…a pair of cubs and another bear, with a red tag on his ear.

Of course I took photographs.

Some of these bear photographs made it into my book Yosemite: A State of Mind.

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Dock, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

A reminder that I should carry at least my Cookpix camera at all times. I shot this with my phone while I out buying coffee.

This dock is right across the street from Armeno Coffee Roasters.

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Ahwahnee Main Hall

Ahwahnee Main Hall, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

One of my favorite places in Yosemite Valley. There is an old world elegance to the Ahwahnee Hotel.

This photograph is in my book Yosemite: A State of Mind.

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My main camera is a Canon 20D DLSR. This is an 8.2 Megapixel camera that has a 1.6 modifier compared to a full 35mm frame camera.
I’ve had for over three years, have shot thousands of pictures, and it is still going strong.  The current model in its line is the Canon 40D.

I have the following lenses for it:

I use a single flash, a Canon 580EX. With that I have two accessories, a Canon Off-Camera TTL Flash cable and a Sto-Fen OMEY Omni-Bounce Diffuser.

The Off-Camera Flash cable allows you to provide light from different angles. This is useful to eliminate deep shadows. The Diffuser is a great, yet simple, bit of technology. It is a cap of opaque plastic that fits over the flash and provides a light source that softens harsh shadows. Combine the two with some good natural light and you can pull off some good single photographer portraits/head shots.

My “pocket” Camera is a Nikon Coolpix S6.

I also have a couple of tripods of various sizes and a monopod.

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Not Quite Dad’s Army Boots


Brown Boot Army

Brown Boot Army

Back when my dad enlisted, the US Army was a “Brown Boot Army.” The uniform was shortly changed to Black Boots and stay that way for a fist full of decades.


Now the Army Combat Uniform (replacing the BDU) calls for brown boots. What was old is new again.

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Farm Tools and a Wagon Wheel


Farm Tool Detail, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

Some interesting old farm equipment on a New England home.

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3 Ball B&W

3 Ball B&W, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

I love my Canon 50mmf1.8 lens. It takes really sharp photos, it’s a good low light lens, and bokeh is just smooth as butter!

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Kings Brass playing at Yosemite

Kings Brass, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

Serendipity is a wonderful thing. I was taking the Valley tour and when we pulled into Vista point, there was a Brass Band playing. The band was Kings Brass, which was traveling between gigs through Yosemite Valley. They decided that was a wonderful place to jam.

I have to say they were right.

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