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Sea World Orcas

I was in San Diego a few months ago and got a few nice Orca pictures.


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Mormon Temple – San Diego

The Mormon Temple in San Diego, CA. Next time I’m in town, I hope to get some more time to get closer and photograph this interesting bit of architecture closer.

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Yosemite Bridge

One of the bridges in Yosemite Valley section of Yosemite National Park in California.  I’ve always heard it referred to as the “wee bridge.”  This bridge is located near Yosemite Falls.

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A San Francisco Parrot Whisper

On on my trips to San Francisco, I got a good walking tour of the city from my friends Doug and Glenn.

We passed by a park that was had a cluster of people, photographers and parrots.  I learned that over the years, enough pet parrots have gotten loose to form a stable breeding population.   There were a number of these feral parrots in this park taking advantage of people showing up with sunflower seeds and apples.

I have more photographs of these parrots.

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