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Saint Bernard Keg


One of my sons got a Saint Bernard, so I had to get a keg for the beast.

The son in question is a Helicopter pilot, the sticker was his idea.

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Sea World Orcas

I was in San Diego a few months ago and got a few nice Orca pictures.


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Film Camera spotted in the Wild

An actual Film Camera spotted in the wild! The person with the camera was taking a photography class, and some of her assignments required an actual film camera to be used.

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Bud Jam 2009

Another shot from the 2009 Bud Jam concert held in Northborough, MA.  There were a lot more photographers there this year than last.

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The Green Saxaphonist

The Green Saxaphonist, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

I attended the 2009 Bud Jam concert. In addition to the great music, it is an excellent opportunity to practice concert photography.

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Copenhagen Swans

A pair of swans in a canal in Copenhagen

A pair of swans in a canal in Copenhagen

From my recent trip across the pond.  Given the Hans Christian Andersen connection, I couldn’t resist.

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Army Cadet with Saber

Army Cadet with Saber, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

From the 2009 Boston University Tri-Service ROTC Pass in Review. A BU Senior Army ROTC cadet in Class A uniform marching with a saber.

Update: November 9, 2009.  This photograph, with the copyright watermark cropped off, has been appearing on an ad on Facebook without my knowledge or consent.  If you see it, please send me a screenshot and report that ad as using copyrighted material without the owner’s consent.

Update: November 16, 2009. I heard from Facebook, and they claim to have pulled the ad with my photograph, but won’t give me any data on the company that was using it without my consent.  I’m glad that the ad was pulled but, Facebook could have handled this better.


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Metal Stairs

Metal Stairs, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

Some things just catch your eye. I was wandering around downtown Westborough and these stairs did just that.

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Canon 50D review

Roland has got his hands on a 50D and has written a review.

It’s good stuff and and I want one.  Feel free to hit the tip jar.  There are probably good prices for the 40D now also (Amazon has it for under a grand).

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Noise reduction and expanded sensitivity up to ISO 12800
  • Support of UDMA cards for faster writing of image files
  • 3″ LCD display with VGA resolution 640×480×3=921,600pixels
  • A a new auto shooting mode called Creative Auto shooting mode
  • Improved Auto ISO
When I do pick one up, I’ll need some larger CF cards.  

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Improvised monopod for a timer shot


Improvised monopod, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

I had a mini tripod with me, but this post actually was a bit higher and was in a perfect spot to catch the better half and I with some great Yosemite High Country views in the background.

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