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The death of Picasa

Google is ending support for their Picasa application on March 15, 2016.

The product is being dropped in favor of their Google Photos online app.  To be honest, it does fit their business model better.

If you are not familiar with the products, here is the key difference.  Photos works on images you have stored online, in your Google account.  Picasa works on images you have stored locally.

I’ve got a lot of images, and most of them are stored locally.  Not planning on moving all them online any time soon either. Picasa was my “go to” product on a new system.  It was quick, easy to use, and remarkably feature rich, especially considering price.

I’ll still be using it, along with some other tools, including Lightroom (I bought a copy, before the subscription model was introduced), but at some point, Picasa won’t be worth loading anymore.

If you haven’t downloaded Picasa, and you want to try it, you should do it soon.


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That’s a bummer…

I am really fond of the Microsoft PhotoInfo tool.  It was quick to load, easy to use, and did a lot of useful stuff.

It seems that it isn’t compatable with IE7.  Drat and damn.  I just switched to a new and faster desktop for the express purpose of better digitial photography work flow and and one of my favorite Q&D tools doesn’t work on it.

I’m open to suggestions on replacement tools.  I’ll also try uninstalling IE7.  I use Firefox and Chrome pretty much exclusively anyway.

Update: I’ve found the replacement for it. The Microsoft “Pro Photo Tool.”  Many of the same features, but you have to launch the app and then load the photos.  Easier for batch work, but I liked being able to quickly right click photos and update them.

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